Random Thoughts on Sales

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I have been challenged recently to try to explain (which actually means sell) my point of view on selling.  I have struggled to find the right words to defend or define my position on this.

I really think every interaction we have has a sales component to it.  We are currently in the election process with debates going on between candidates.  That is the ultimate sales job.  Each candidate is attempting to persuade the public that their opinion and their solutions are the better choice when choosing elected officials.

Politics is constantly selling their beliefs and points of view on any subject.  Many times, these subjects have life and death consequences from gun control to the death penalty and abortion.  I have always found it odd how one party is for abortion and against the death penalty while the other party is against abortion but for the death penalty.  I am not sure if this is a moral judgment on either side but rather a timing question.

I don’t want to take sides on politics, but I do want to take sides on sales.  Sales and selling are everywhere and will not go away.  The ability to affectively sell and persuade someone is a necessary life skill.  If you want the ability to be a leader and to influence the people that want to follow you then having the ability to sell is paramount to your success.

Never look at sales as a “dirty” task or job.  Look at it as the primary difference between success and failure in your everyday life to get you what you want.

Because if you help enough other people to get what they want, you will get everything that you want.  Zig Ziglar.

Your gunna be alriiight!!!!

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