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Learn how to use other people’s money, other people’s credit and other people’s time. 

Having multiple types of strategies in real estate allows you to make money in any market anywhere you invest. 

Breaking down the different types of income and which strategies are used with each type of income. 

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Our customers and students are our most important asset.

We believe you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” ~ Zig Ziglar

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Paying your realtor a commission and even paying them a higher commission is usually worth it! 

When you pay higher than average realtor commissions you can sell your property faster in a down market because multiple realtors WIN! 

The “Rule of 72” and why the rich get richer. 

How does return on investment work and what are we looking for in our real estate portfolio. 

Why cash flow makes real estate the best investment with the least amount of risk. 

Real estate makes money even if the market goes down when you buy for cash flow. Real estate cash flow will fund your retirement! 

Mortgages are the cheapest money you can buy and one of the best ways to start your investing.

Why mortgages are the best hedge against inflation, and you should have even more mortgage as inflation goes up. 

Why taking out a longer mortgage puts more money in your pocket NOW. 

Why leverage is the 8th wonder of the world and how it works in basic real estate transaction. 

OPT = Other People’s Time is the most valuable asset when can leverage so we can have more time for ourselves and our family. 

Picking the right bank will change your business quickly and picking the big banks can be a mistake. 

When choosing a realtor they need to understand your needs as an investor and your desire to get seller financing deals.

Diving deeper with your realtor and making sure they understand the market and how they can help you build your business. 

How to pick the right type of mortgage broker and finding out how creative they are. 

Working with your mortgage broker to get clients for your rent-to-own business and how that can benefit the mortgage broker. 

What is hard money and how you can use it as an investor to build your business quicker. 

Who do you listen to? Why paying higher interest can get you to financial freedom faster!

How the big banks use other people’s money to make even more money. We should follow their lead to make our money. 

Talking to the big banks for mortgages aren’t the best for investors and why they are as good as smaller banks. 

Why working with community bankers will build your business quicker. They are relationship banks. 

Comparing seller financing and traditional financing. 

How does seller financing work and putting together the “Jerry McGuire” offer. 

Peer to peer lending is an avenue to get seed capital for your business. How to find it and how it works. 

Credit cards are my favorite way to get OPM and why if you learn to play their game you can benefit exponentially. 

Why your credit score doesn’t really matter when becoming a real estate investor. It only matters when you are using your own credit! 

Duplexes, three-plexes and four-plexes are treated the same way as single-family houses when you are getting loans on them. 

When borrowing money, commercial properties give us some of the best opportunities for leverage. 

The 7 Rules of Investing will build your foundation of how to invest and how to start your investing business no matter where you are investing or what type of property you are investing in. 

The book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, is the first step you should take in starting your investment journey. It will put your mindset in the right place. 

The Cash Flow quadrant will start to put some perspective on your financial foundation. 

The Cash Flow quadrant can give you an inner look at why you think the way you do and what you can do to think differently. 

The Cash Flow quadrant will show you how investors think differently from employees. 

When you start asking “How you can do something” vs. “I can’t do something”, will start to give you HOPE. 

What is Private Mortgage Insurance and is it something I need to worry about as an investor? 

How do you get “deals”? Quit looking for houses and start looking for problems. 

Using the Cash Flow Quadrant to manage your power team and why you have to be the one leading the team! 

Why wholesaling is the quickest way to get started and how the process starts. 

Earned income is the way to start putting money in your pocket and which strategies will work for you. 

The basic steps for the wholesaling properties. Where to start and what to do next. 

How do we find wholesale deals the quickest and what we should avoid. 

When you start advertising what should you say to people who have properties that they want to sell. 

Negotiation and understanding the less you talk and the more you listen will be the way you put more money in your pocket. 

The Wholesale contract and what should we have in it to protect ourselves and always be legal! 

How the assignment clause works and how does it work with the purchase and sale agreements.