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Pip's Path was created by a group of investors with over 80 years of investment experience. The purpose is to help new investors buy their first property and experienced investors to buy more properties. We help entrepreneurs reach their goals through cutting edge tools, programs, and unwavering support.


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Pip Stehlik

Pip has an MBA in business management from the University of Nebraska, and he started his career in a family owned grocery business. He helped lead and grow the company to over $17 million in gross yearly revenue with 250 employees, including a pharmacy and franchise business.

Steve Hipple

Steve has coached and trained thousands of real estate investors in multiple countries to accomplish and exceed their investing goals and take their business to the next level. Steve has been investing in real estate in Canada and the US since 2010.

Sam Moussa

Sam has trained investors in 12 different countries around the world.

Sam has shown investors how to take their businesses to the next level by stacking strategies to increase profit and higher return on investment.  Sam brings huge energy along with huge value to help people change their lives.

Bradley Strack

Bradley earned his Doctorate in Pharmacy and master’s in business administration before the age of 30.
Taking his traditional education to work, he managed numerous retail pharmacies managing many teams of professional and non-professional employees.

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Alfonso Salemi

Investing: 2012-Present

Teaching: 2021-Present

Investing Areas: Ontario, Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec (Provinces in Canada)

Areas of emphasis: Lease Options, Rent-to-Own, Duplexes and Triplexes

Experience: Completed over 200+ Lease Option deals using OPM and OPC. Current President of C.A.R.O.P. (Canadian Association of Rent To Own Professionals)

Eric Buchanan

Investing: 2002-Present

Teaching: 2005-Present (Over 300 trainings in all 50 states)

Investing Areas: Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas

Areas of emphasis: Lease Options, Commercial (Office, Retail and Multi-Family), Tax Liens and Deeds, Land Development, Wholesale, Pre-Foreclosure

Experience: Owned and/or partnered on 400+ doors

Kathryn Butler

Investing: 1993-Present

Teaching: 2008-Present

Investing Areas: Florida, Texas and Missouri

Areas of emphasis: Buy and Hold, BRRRR Method, Mobile Homes and Creative Financing

Experience: 50+ doors of single-family homes and

3 mobile home parks of over 100 units each.

Cheryl Bednar- Jimenez

Investing: 2007-Present, Realtor: 2007-Present

Teaching: 2013-Present

Investing Areas: Florida, North Carolina, Indiana, Georgia, Tennessee and Ohio

Areas of emphasis: Wholesale, Creative financing, Subject to, Fix and Flips, Rentals and Lease Options and Seller Financing

Experience: 100+ real estate deals

Shelley Hagen

Investing: 2001-Present

Teaching: 2003-Present

Investing Areas: Texas, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Multiple Provinces in Canada

Areas of emphasis: Wholesaling, Fix and Flips, Buy and Hold Rentals, Lease Options, Discount Notes, Foreclosure, Commercial and Land Development

Experience: 96 properties in 1st year and 100+ since.

Ron LaDucer & Jean Hanham

Investing: 2014-Present

Teaching: 2017-Present

Investing Areas: New Jersey, Indiana, Texas, Idaho, North Carolina, and Florida

Areas of emphasis: Rehabbing, Lease Option, Long Term Rentals, Short-Term Rentals, Creative Finance, Mobile Home Park, and Private Lending

Experience: 75+ Real Estate deals. Legacy Elite/Rich Dad Hall of Fame.

Vicky Greene

Investing: 1991-Present

Teaching: 2003-Present

Investing Areas: New York, North Carolina, and Florida

Areas of emphasis: Mobile Homes, Fix and Flip, Wholesale and Creative Financing, Seller Financing and Lease Options

Experience: Managed portfolio of 1000+ Mobile homes, dozens of Flips and numerous other property deals.

Diane Bowman

Investing: 2002-Present

Teaching: 2004-Present

Investing Areas: Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Illinois

Areas of emphasis: Commercial Multi-Family, Office Space, Buy and Hold, Land Development, Rehabs, Mobile Homes and Creative Financing

Experience: 800+ Doors of Multi-family, Over 200K sq. ft. of office space, numerous single-family and mobile homes. Legacy Elite/Rich Dad Hall of Fame. 25 years of Corporate RE acquisitions and development. Contributing author of "How to Raise Private Money Legally".

Brent Trotter

Investing: 2019-Present

Teaching: 2021-Present

Investing Areas: California and Indiana

Areas of emphasis: Lease option, Fix and Flip, Smart Rehab, Short-Term Rental, Mid Term Rental, Long Term Rental, Social Housing/Sober Living, Wholesale, Multi-Family Commercial, Land Purchase and Pre-Foreclosure

Experience: 35+ properties

Joe Lam

Investing: 2017-Present

Teaching: 2021-Present

Investing Areas: Texas, California, Nevada and Thailand

Areas of emphasis: Short-Term Rentals, Fix and Flip, Pre-Foreclosure, Land Development and Raising Capital

Experience: 20+ properties. Author of “AirBNB Mastery, 8 Steps to Launch and Grow Your Short-Term Rental Business”

Sam & Anita Winkles

Investing: 2011-Present

Teaching: 2016-Present

Investing Areas: Texas and Belize

Areas of emphasis: Fix and Flip, Wholesale, Buy and Hold Rentals, BRRRR Method, Lease Options, Mobile Home Parks, Owner Finance (buy & sell), Private Money Lending, JV Partnerships, Subject-to (buy & sell), Short-Term Rentals, International Investing, Syndication and Oil & Gas Production

Experience: 100+ Real Estate Transactions. JV Partnerships totaling 38 wells. Private equity funding. Legacy/Rich Dad Hall of Fame. Owners of a commercial lending company.

Marlon Johnson

Investing: 2019-Present

Mentoring: 2021-Present

Investing areas: Arizona, Wisconsin, New York

Areas of emphasis: Wholesale, Subject To, Seller Financing and Rehabbing

Experience: 25 door rental portfolio, 12+ real estate deals, founded Millionaire Mindset Community of 100+ members and hosts Into the Mind podcast

Jason & Kelley Ricker

Investing: 2018-Present

Mentoring: 2022–Present

Investing areas: Tennessee

Areas of emphasis: Fix and Flip, Wholesaling, Buy and Hold, BRRRR Method, Creative Financing, Owner Financing, Hard Money Lending and specialize in finding off market deals

Experience: 45+ deals. Currently, own 12 Single-Family homes.

Robert Preston

Investing: 2012- Present

Mentoring: 2017- Present

Investing Areas: Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York, Indiana, Arizona

Areas of emphasis: Commerical Real Estate, Office, Mobile Homes, RV, Multi-Family, Light Industrial, and Land Development

Experience: 30+ single-family flips, owned 2000+ units, currently owns and manages 1400 units, 12 full cycle CRE deals, 30+ CRE transactions

Gretchen Larmour

Investing: 2017-Present

Mentoring: 2021-Present

Investing Areas: Arizona, California, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico & Belize

Areas of emphasis: Creative Finance, Land Development, Short-Term Rental, Social Housing, Deal Structuring and Negotiation

Experience: 20+ doors, Commercial and Single-Family Homes, Domestic & International

Jesus Soto

Investing: 2019-Present

Mentoring: 2021-Present

Investing Areas: Phoenix AZ, México and Georgia

Areas of emphasis: Fix and Flip, Foreclosures and Lease Options

Experience: Multiple doors

Emily Muiruri

Investing: 2004-Present

Mentoring: 2021-Present

Investing Areas: Maryland, Texas

Areas of emphasis: Buy any Hold, Fix and Flip, Lease Options and Lending

Experience: Multiple doors, stock market investor and teaches advanced stock trading strategies including covered calls, naked puts, credit spreads and long stocks

Mark Green

Investing: 2019-Present

Mentoring: 2021-Present

Investing Areas: Illinois, Iowa, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Maryland

Areas of emphasis: Lease Option, Pre-foreclosure, Subject To, Buy and Hold, Rehabbing Residential and Mobile Homes and Lending

Experience: 50+ deals

Allison Van Treeck

Investing: 2018-Present

Mentoring: 2021-Present

Investing Areas: Colorado, Illinois, Georgia

Areas of emphasis: Buy and Hold, Shared Housing, Assisted Living, 11-unit apartment complex, RV Rental Business, Creative Financing, Mobile Homes, Rehab and Lease Options

Experience: 30+ doors. 8 Mobile Homes, 5 Rehabs and 8 Hard Money Lending Deals

Bob Haggerty

Investing: 2016-Present

Mentoring: 2021-Present

Investing Areas: Virginia

Areas of emphasis: Wholesale, Buy & Hold and Short-Term Rentals

Experience: 20+ Wholesale Deals, 12 Single-Family Buy and Holds, started investing with no credit, and less than $1500. Dumpster rental business.

Darrell Teddick & Tracy Freeman

Investing: 2018-Present

Mentoring: 2021-Present

Investing Areas: Florida, Tennessee, Georgia

Areas of emphasis: Low Income Housing, Mobile Homes, Condotel, Short-Term Rental, Brrr, Private Money, Hard Money Lending, Creative Financing

Experience: 25+ Doors, Syndication Properties 1200+ using our Self-Directed IRA’s, Tiny Home Community, 100% of properties bought creatively using OPM

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