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Pip's Path was created by a group of investors with over 80 years of investment experience. The purpose is to help new investors buy their first property and experienced investors to buy more properties. We help entrepreneurs reach their goals through cutting edge tools, programs, and unwavering support.


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Pip Stehlik

Pip has an MBA in business management from the University of Nebraska, and he started his career in a family owned grocery business. He helped lead and grow the company to over $17 million in gross yearly revenue with 250 employees, including a pharmacy and franchise business. With a desire to diversify, he started his real estate investment career in 2002. His investment portfolio includes: lease options, renovations, commercial, AirBnB, and creative financing. Building upon the success of his real estate business, and with a strong desire to give back and help others achieve their dreams, he began to mentor and train real estate investors. For the last decade, Pip has trained and mentored over 40,000 entrepreneurs in 18 different countries. Pip’s goal is to create win-win relationships for business partnerships so that all parties can succeed. Pip has been married to his wife and business partner, Jennifer, since 1999. They have two daughters and live in Kansas City, Missouri. Pip likes to spend time traveling with his family. Pip truly believes what Zig Ziglar said: “You can have everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

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Steve Hipple

Steve has coached and trained thousands of real estate investors in multiple countries to accomplish and exceed their investing goals and take their business to the next level. Steve has been investing in real estate in Canada and the US since 2010.  He is always looking to build great relationships, implement high performance investment strategies, and explore new opportunities. Steve graduated from Lambton College.  He started investing in real estate in 2010 and quickly directed his focus to creatively financing deals, including joint ventures, buying at discounts, lease options, renovations, income properties, lending and short term rentals.

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Sam Moussa

Sam has trained investors in 12 different countries around the world.  Sam has shown investors how to take their businesses to the next level by stacking strategies to increase profit and higher return on investment.  Sam brings huge energy along with huge value to help people change their lives.

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Bradley Strack

Bradley earned his Doctorate in Pharmacy and master’s in business administration before the age of 30. Taking his traditional education to work, he managed numerous retail pharmacies managing many teams of professional and non-professional employees. Wanting to control his own destiny, he sought out a business mentor and has created numerous companies/investments and serves as his own boss. Bradley believes the keys to his success across so many varying industries comes down to relationships. Listen to your client, lead them to where they want to go, link them to how you solve their problem.

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Alfonso Salemi

Alfonso Salemi is the co-owner, co-founder, and current vice president of JAAG Properties Inc. JAAG specializes in Rent-To-Own (lease options) and has over 200 successful Rent-To-Own (lease options) projects. Alfonso loves sharing his passion for Rent-To-Own and the benefits it brings to people's lives. He thrives on these interactions and enjoys helping others with the most significant purchase or investment of their lives. He is the conduit to Tenant Buyer Clients, Joint-Venture Partners, Investors, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and Other Real Estate Professionals. As a true 'people person,' Alfonso enjoys showing the benefits of JAAG's Rent-To-Own program and how it enables those who have experienced roadblocks to becoming homeowners. Bringing these entities together is one of the things that Alfonso values most about his role.


Brent Trotter

Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, Brent Trotter is a professional filmmaker, who made the transition into Real Estate.  With a focus on short term rentals and property fix flips, he began building wealth by acquiring properties in California and Indiana.  Brent’s main focus in asset acquisitions, is to help people on “both ends”, allowing financial freedom for burdened property owners while giving a new beginning to first time home buyers. Teaching financial literacy has become his biggest passion, allowing him to break generational barriers to finance, not previously accessible to many. Aside from being a comic book geek and movie buff, Brent enjoys good discussions on history and being a couch potato.

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Sam & Anita Winkles

Anita Winkles has over 25 years of experience in the real estate and financial services industry.  In addition to her banking and real estate background, Anita has successfully launched two commercial service companies proving she understands the importance of relationship building, attention to detail, the art of management, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Her experience led her to sit on the board of directors for a financial institution in the Dallas metroplex.  Sam Winkles was born in Wisconsin but quickly made it to Texas, where he lives today with his bride Anita. Sam is a Navy Veteran and has 25 years of management experience. After years of being an investor/Realtor, Sam and his wife saw how important using other people's money is. Hence, they started their Commercial and Real Estate Finance company. Now they can lend in over 30 different categories and have over a hundred funding sources backing them. 

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Cheryl Bednar Jimenez

Cheryl Bednar-Jimenez, MA., Realtor®, is a Florida real estate expert.  She combines her love for helping people with her passion for the real estate industry. From 2013 to the present, Cheryl has done over 100 real estate investment transactions, including, Wholesaling (assignments and double closings); Fixing and Flipping; Creative Deals (Lease Option, Wrap, Subject to, and Seller Financing); and Holding (Renting).  As a real estate entrepreneur, Cheryl identifies the seller's problem and what they "need" instead of just what they "want." Then she creates a solution with value and is a win/win for both her and the seller. Cheryl has the expertise, proven track record, and resources to help you achieve your goals.    Cheryl’s clients have praised her for listening carefully to understand their goals and working hard to provide the solution and the support that worked for them.

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Eric Buchanan

Eric Buchanan's first job out of school was working for a flooring importer.  This job led him to be a corporate trainer and guest speaker on various television shows.  He also began to volunteer his time for a personal growth workshop through which he met his wife, Dina. Today, Eric lives with his family in Florida.  His real estate investment activities are focused in four States and include residential and commercial properties.  He is an expert in the areas of wholesaling, pre-foreclosure, foreclosure auctions, bank-owned R.E.O. property, property management, sandwich lease options, purchase lease options, and private money.  His experience and a strong sense of giving back have led Eric to spend some of his time training others to be financially free through real estate investing.  To date, Eric has taught over 300 real estate investing classes to students from virtually all 50 states.  

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Vicky Greene

Vicky Greene brings over 25 years of real estate management, investing, and marketing experience to support the needs and efforts of new and seasoned investors.   Her real estate investing began in the early '90s when interest rates were still high compared to today.  As a result, her career started with creative financings like loan assumptions, lease options, and seller financing – before knowing these strategies had a name!  Since then, Vicky has held real estate licenses in two states, been a guest speaker on real estate industry panels, a member of the Board of Directors for a local landlord association, a contributing writer for an investment magazine, a host for a weekly investor forum, a trainer and a mentor for domestic and international students, and the author of multiple training programs and learning tools/systems in the field of real estate investing and marketing.  She and her team currently hold shared housing property, flips, and wholesale with multiple property types in numerous states.  Her passion for real estate has inspired the next generation of investors in her family to build their real estate businesses to create a path to financial freedom.


Joe Lam

Joe owns businesses in real estate, retail, e-commerce, and entertainment. He began his entertainment career at Paramount Pictures before launching his own production company that’s won 60+ awards for films, music videos, and documentaries. He’s proud to have produced promo videos for notable clients such as American Red Cross, United Way, and Rotary Club. Joe later expanded into owning a retail and e-commerce business that sold natural health products in the US, UK, Canada, Korea, Denmark, and Australia. As a graduate of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Program, Joe quickly acquired several properties in both the U.S. and Thailand. His real estate experience includes raising investment funds, pre-foreclosures, lease options, rehabs, and short-term rentals. Besides teaching the Short-Term Rental Course, he also writes articles featured on Pip’s Path Blog and regularly participates in the weekly REIA. Joe’s published books include “Airbnb Mastery: 8-Steps to Maximize Your Short Term Rental Business”, “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Campus Chronicles” (Contributing Author), and “Filmmaking Success: Making the Teen Comedy”. Joe graduated from the Academy of Art University with a BFA in Motion Pictures & Television in 2003. 


Kathryn Butler

Kathryn is a real estate investor and has mentored, coached, and trained thousands of students in the US, including students from Asia.  She has also invested internationally. She does the majority of her investing in the US but has invested internationally, also.  She has specialized in foreclosures, rentals, property management, rehabbing, wholesaling and creative financing.  Her most recent project was a venture into the short-term rental market.  Her favorite strategy is to buy a property using either cash or OPM (other people's money), rehab it, and do a cash-out refinance, thereby getting all her money back and pocketing or reinvesting the rest –– all tax-free!  That strategy is often referred to as a BRRRR - buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat!  Kathryn tries to source her deals in different ways and, during mentorships, teaches her students over 100 different ways of finding deals!  She even once bought a property from a guy in jail!!  In addition to helping people in foreclosure, Kathryn likes to sell a house to a long-term tenant (a good paying one, of course!) and then owner finance them, thereby helping them buy a property they likely wouldn't have an opportunity to otherwise.  

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Ron LaDucer & Jean Hanham

Their story is relatable and inspiring.  They met, fell in love, got married and raised their blended family (Ron’s two sons & Jean’s plentiful pets) while working successful corporate careers.  Life was “good” for many years.  They were busy doing what they thought they were supposed to do: working long hours, making money, and providing the best life they could for their family.  Truth is the pace of life was hectic and stressful with never enough time.  They felt stuck and decided to do the unthinkable.  They took a leap of faith and left corporate. They slowed down in search of their purpose, more meaning, and enjoyment in life.   They redesign their life to be what they wanted, something extraordinary. What does an extraordinary life look like?  For Ron and Jean, it’s simple.  It is making choices every day that align with their values.  It is being who they are, doing what they love and making a positive impact.  It's MOVING FORWARD daily and helping others to do the same. Their style of teaching, coaching, and mentoring is to keep it real, simplify the complex, help students to overcome their fears and enjoy the process!  Ron & Jean have been investing in real estate since 2014.  Their experience and success spans across multiple strategies including Lease Option, Long Term Rentals (in-state and out-of-state), Vacation Rentals, Rehabbing, Creative Finance and Private Lending.  They have a strong understanding of Creative Finance/Deal Structure and extensive experience with Rehabbing which serves them well in all strategies they implement.  In addition to Mentoring, Ron and Jean lead our Tuesday night REIA and they teach SMART Rehabbing and our Acceleration Mastermind here at Pip’s Path.

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Shelley Hagen

Shelley Hagen has been a full-time real estate investor for the past 20+ years.  She started her real estate investing career with her business partner Carol McConnachie in 2001.  Their initial investments started in Regina, Saskatchewan, and soon expanded to other provinces.  Their motto was 'Go Big or Go Home.'  As a result, they purchased 96 units in their first year and have never looked back from there.  Shelley has since been involved in real estate transactions in several provinces and the United States.  After living in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and Phoenix, Arizona, she became familiar with procedures on real estate acquisition in those states. She completed a variety of different real estate transactions.  Shelley has invested in Buy-Rent-Hold, Fix and Flips, Lease Options, Wholesale, Discount Notes, Foreclosures, Land Development, and Commercial properties and is well versed in many facets of real estate finance and contract law.   Shelley has also provided real estate investing training and mentoring in Canada and the United States since 2003.  


Gretchen Marcey

Gretchen started her real estate investment journey after attending a 3 day event in 2017. To her freedom, creativity and being of service is key. Gretchen specializes in creating unique short and midterm rental properties and stacking strategies. She strategically buys homes in places she loves to visit and furnishes her properties with style and design using antiques and salvaged furniture to create an upscale atmosphere. A multiple year Airbnb superhost, she boasts 5 star reviews only. Gretchen uses her homes as much as her guests do and spends every spring in Albuquerque and fall in Northern California. Her favorite strategies to date are raw land development, negotiations, rehabbing, short/midterm rentals, leasing to sober living environments and commercial apartments. She has used the business principals and creative financing skills of real estate to start other businesses including a tech startup. Using the freedom real estate has created in her life she spends her free time volunteering in her community.


Francois De Jager

Francois moved to NYC from Cape Town, South Africa in 2012 searching for the American Dream. He comes from an Information Technology background and continued his career in the USA, by managing the IT infrastructure for a New York City nonprofit organization that helped homeless and low-income men and women by providing them everything they needed to reclaim their lives. In August 2018 Francois attended a 3 Day Real Estate training event, where he met Pip who showed him how to use Real Estate as a tool to build financial freedom. He then started his Real Estate business part time, but quickly found that real estate investing was a perfect way to help those in need, find creative and simple solutions to seemingly complex problems and meet great people! He decided to resign from his IT job on December 31st, 2020 to pursue real estate full time. Francois currently invests using multiple strategies which include: Lease Options, Smart Rehabbing, Pre-Foreclosures, Wholesaling, Commercial and has begun development on a 40 Unit apartment building.  Today, Francois lives in a small town with his daughter in Illinois, where he uses his time to assist others in building for their future. He enjoys spending time with his daughter, fishing, camping and traveling the world.

Jason and Kelley

Jason & Kelley Ricker

After 20+ years in corporate America, Jason and Kelley decided it was time for a change. In 2018 they began their investing careers in real estate. With zero real estate experience, they immediately sought after education and mentorship. They, 100% committed to making it work, jumped in the game and never looked back!  With a strong desire for passive income and legacy wealth, today they specialize in Single Family homes and love to find off market deals to add to their portfolio. They’re also very active in Retail Fix and Flips, Wholesaling, and have started a Hard Money Lending business. They are now expanding into markets to start Lease Options and Commercial real estate. They are living proof that it is possible to vision out the dream life a person or couple wants and then build a business around it. They believe strongly in the 80/20 principle and have implemented systems that allow them more time to enjoy life while requiring only a few hours a week in their business. Jason and Kelley have helped numerous investors in their local market and have started speaking at local real estate meetups. They have shown people how to find cheap private money, organize their business, how to work together as a married couple, and provide guidance to investors all around northeast Tennessee.


Darrell Teddick & Tracy Freeman

Darrell & Tracy are both licensed loan officers as well as a savvy Real Estate Investors with experience in Lease Option, Buy & Hold, Property Management, Creative Finance and Business Structure. Darrell & Tracy joined the real estate industry in 2016 with the purchase of their first investment property. Prior to that, Darrell was a former US Airforce military professional who later graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a BS degree in computer science. Darrell notes over 20+ years’ experience with IT and Military Simulation Training Programs where persistence, honor and integrity are the heart of his everyday practice. “Failure is not an option” is his creed. Communication is one of the most important elements of a successful business transaction. Darrell’s priority is to provide an exceptional and memorable learning experience.  Tracy worked as a Management Supervisor for in Healthcare for over 20+ years. Her sophisticated understanding of people and exceptional customer service skills allows her to build long-term relationships.  Along our journey, we’ve experience many ups and downs, good and bad days but the one thing that stands out from all our training is the quote "You have to just do it and do it and do it again". We where once in your shoes not that long ago knowing absolutely nothing about real estate investing. We have now come full circle and are now honored to be able to give back to our real estate family. We're looking forward to helping you get out of the Rat Race and living your dream life.


Bob Haggerty

Bob Haggerty, aka “Property Bob,” started his investing career in 2016 after meeting Pip in Richmond, VA. Bob was born and raised in California and quickly went to work as a firefighter after high school spending 7 serving as a wild land and municipal firefighter. In 2013, He made a life changing decision and moved across the country to work for the Richmond City Fire Department. Just a few years into this new career he knew he needed to make a change and was 'Burnt' out on his new job. With the support of Pip, Real Estate Education, and Mentorship.  He was able to replace his fire department income and leave Richmond Fire in just 26 months. Bob loves to help serve other people, loves to travel, camping, fishing, and a lot of other outdoor activities.  His real estate specialties are Wholesale, Lease Options, Marketing, Creative Finance, Furnished Rentals, and Recovery Housing.  A Few Favorite quotes:  “If you do what is easy, your life will be hard.  If you do what is hard, your life will be easy” – Les Brown "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great"- Zig Ziglar

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Emily Muiruri

Emily Muiruri was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya before her family moved to the US and settled in Maryland. Prior to becoming an educated, real estate investor, and stock trader, Emily worked in Property Management in the Self-Storage Industry and as a real estate agent as a way to find properties to invest in. Like many uneducated investors, the financial and mortgage crisis of 2008 wiped out most of her retirement and real estate assets. That was the beginning of her search to find a better way to financial freedom. Emily sought out mentors to show her how to properly become a stock trader, entrepreneur and real estate investor. Emily’s primary area of focus is trading stocks and options, private money lending and lease options as well as coaching and mentoring others.

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