1 hour investing strategies

Strategy number one

7-Win Lease Option

Learn how to create win-win-win-win-win-win-win lease option deals where you (the investor), your tenant (tenant-buyer), your money partner, plus 4 of your team all benefit.

You’ll quickly see why we refer to lease options as the “Perfect Tenant Program” and “Homeowner in Training Program.”

Strategy number TWO

6 Quick Steps to Wholesale

Wholesale assignment is an excellent strategy for anyone with challenges obtaining financing for real estate deals as a way to generate income for yourself.

With this strategy, you don’t even need to get a mortgage or have good credit, and you also don’t need down payment money.

Strategy number three

Creative Finance: How to Fund ANY DEAL

Creative financing is key to growing your investments and utilizing OPM and OPC to a new level.

This strategy will empower you with multiple outside the box methods to find money or financing for your deals.

Strategy number four

12 Things to Avoid in SMART Rehabs

With our SMART rehabbing system, you will see how to avoid common and costly mistakes and invest your rehab budget for maximum gains and maximum profits.

Strategy number five

Mobile Homes: Little Boxes That Spit Out Cash

Mobile homes have traditionally been in demand for their affordability to tenants and homebuyers. That is accurate today as rent and home prices outpace incomes, and mobile homes are in need more than ever.

These facts, along with the affordability factor and simplicity of the purchase transaction, are why demand is strong and why mobile homes are growing in interest within the real estate industry.

Strategy number six

Help People AND Make Money with Foreclosure

With the great appeal of pre-foreclosures, you can create good deals and HELP homeowners who are in a bad situation with their lender. In every city, in every market, there are always homeowners and properties in and nearing pre-foreclosure.

When you make offers before anyone else, you put yourself in a powerful situation to get the deal and help people at the same time.

Strategy number seven

Maximizing Cashflow Using Short-Term Rentals

Learn how to get involved in Short Term Rentals now! How to purchase, creatively finance, analyze and manage your properties in any market.

Strategy number eight

Cash Flow in ANY Market

This video is overflowing with valuable information for investors of all levels, loaded with must-have information introducing several streams of real estate incomes you can select.

You will also learn how to attract effective real estate professionals to your team, saving you time and getting you results.

Strategy number nine

Commercial Real Estate with none of your money

Commercial real estate (CRE) takes real estate investing to the next level. Yes, the deals are more considerable. Yes, it’s more complex. Yes, you will create real generational wealth. Allow us to show you systems to reduce your risk and simplify the process.

This class teaches how we classify CRE types like office, warehouse, apartments, strip malls, mobile home parks, and self-storage. We will teach you the terminology and vocabulary to navigate the CRE industry and understand the expectations from retail brokers and lenders.