Gretchen Larmour

Gretchen Larmour In More Detail...

Gretchen started her real estate investment journey after attending a 3 day event in 2017. To her freedom, creativity and being of service is key. Gretchen specializes in creating unique short and midterm rental properties and stacking strategies. She strategically buys homes in places she loves to visit and furnishes her properties with style and design using antiques and salvaged furniture to create an upscale atmosphere. A multiple year Airbnb superhost, she boasts 5 star reviews only. Gretchen uses her homes as much as her guests do and spends every spring in Albuquerque and fall in Northern California.

Her favorite strategies to date are raw land development, negotiations, rehabbing, short/midterm rentals, leasing to sober living environments and commercial apartments. She has used the business principals and creative financing skills of real estate to start other businesses including a tech startup. Using the freedom real estate has created in her life she spends her free time volunteering in her community.