Kathryn Butler

Kathryn Butler In More Detail...

Kathryn is a real estate investor and has mentored, coached, and trained thousands of students in the US, including students from Asia.  She has also invested internationally.

She does the majority of her investing in the US but has invested internationally, also.  She has specialized in foreclosures, rentals, property management, rehabbing, wholesaling and creative financing.  Her most recent project was a venture into the short-term rental market.  Her favorite strategy is to buy a property using either cash or OPM (other people's money), rehab it, and do a cash-out refinance, thereby getting all her money back and pocketing or reinvesting the rest –– all tax-free!  That strategy is often referred to as a BRRRR - buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat!  Kathryn tries to source her deals in different ways and, during mentorships, teaches her students over 100 different ways of finding deals!  She even once bought a property from a guy in jail!!  In addition to helping people in foreclosure, Kathryn likes to sell a house to a long-term tenant (a good paying one, of course!) and then owner finance them, thereby helping them buy a property they likely wouldn't have an opportunity to otherwise.