Ron LaDucer & Jean Hanham

Ron LaDucer & Jean Hanham In More Detail...

Their story is relatable and inspiring.  They met, fell in love, got married and raised their blended family (Ron’s two sons & Jean’s plentiful pets) while working successful corporate careers.  Life was “good” for many years.  They were busy doing what they thought they were supposed to do: working long hours, making money, and providing the best life they could for their family.  Truth is the pace of life was hectic and stressful with never enough time.  They felt stuck and decided to do the unthinkable.  They took a leap of faith and left corporate. They slowed down in search of their purpose, more meaning, and enjoyment in life.   They redesign their life to be what they wanted, something extraordinary.

What does an extraordinary life look like?  For Ron and Jean, it’s simple.  It is making choices every day that align with their values.  It is being who they are, doing what they love and making a positive impact.  It's MOVING FORWARD daily and helping others to do the same.

Their style of teaching, coaching, and mentoring is to keep it real, simplify the complex, help students to overcome their fears and enjoy the process!

Ron & Jean have been investing in real estate since 2014.  Their experience and success spans across multiple strategies including Lease Option, Long Term Rentals (in-state and out-of-state), Vacation Rentals, Rehabbing, Creative Finance and Private Lending.  They have a strong understanding of Creative Finance/Deal Structure and extensive experience with Rehabbing which serves them well in all strategies they implement.  In addition to Mentoring, Ron and Jean lead our Tuesday night REIA and they teach SMART Rehabbing and our A