Sam & Anita Winkles

Sam & Anita Winkles In More Detail...

Anita Winkles has over 25 years of experience in the real estate and financial services industry.  In addition to her banking and real estate background, Anita has successfully launched two commercial service companies proving she understands the importance of relationship building, attention to detail, the art of management, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Her experience led her to sit on the board of directors for a financial institution in the Dallas metroplex.

Sam Winkles was born in Wisconsin but quickly made it to Texas, where he lives today with his bride Anita. Sam is a Navy Veteran and has 25 years of management experience. After years of being an investor/Realtor, Sam and his wife saw how important using other people's money is. Hence, they started their Commercial and Real Estate Finance company. Now they can lend in over 30 different categories and have over a hundred funding sources backing them.