Vicky Greene

Vicky Greene In More Detail...

Vicky Greene brings over 25 years of real estate management, investing, and marketing experience to support the needs and efforts of new and seasoned investors.

Her real estate investing began in the early '90s when interest rates were still high compared to today.  As a result, her career started with creative financings like loan assumptions, lease options, and seller financing – before knowing these strategies had a name!

Since then, Vicky has held real estate licenses in two states, been a guest speaker on real estate industry panels, a member of the Board of Directors for a local landlord association, a contributing writer for an investment magazine, a host for a weekly investor forum, a trainer and a mentor for domestic and international students, and the author of multiple training programs and learning tools/systems in the field of real estate investing and marketing.  She and her team currently hold shared housing property, flips, and wholesale with multiple property types in numerous states.  Her passion for real estate has inspired the next generation of investors in her family to build their real estate businesses to create a path to financial freedom.