OnDemand- Creative Finance


OnDemand courses are pre-recorded with 15+ hours of content that you can watch, stop, rewind and rewatch at any time. The possibilities are vast as pre-foreclosures, auctions, and bank owned (REO) properties provide a never-ending source of investment opportunities.

With the great appeal of pre-foreclosures, you can create good deals and HELP homeowners who are in a bad situation with their lender.  In every city, in every market, there are always homeowners and properties in and nearing pre-foreclosure.  When you make offers before anyone else, you put yourself in a powerful situation to get the deal and help people at the same time.

Foreclosure properties present opportunities to buy at discounts and often significant discounts.  Once you have obtained properties, you can determine the most lucrative exit option such as lease option, wholesale, income property, rehab, etc.  When you acquire properties at prices well below retail, you are starting with solid advantages.


OnDemand courses are pre-recorded with 12+ hours of content that you can watch, stop, rewind and rewatch at any time.

Creative financing is key to growing your investments and utilizing OPM and OPC to a new level.  This class will empower you with multiple outside the box methods to find money or financing for your deals.

We’ll also show you how to find the money for your deals with a step-by-step process to host conversations with potential money partners. We’ll show you how to boost your value as an investor, putting you in control to select the optimal money partners suitable to your needs.

This class will expand your mindset and allow you to consider traditional financing as your last option—valuable information whether you want to borrow or lend funds secured by real estate.