I was fortunate enough to meet Pip back in 2013. At that stage, I was assisting a training company set up sales events in several different countries. Pip came with a strong reputation for excellent sales skills, and it wasn’t difficult to see why. Whether we did events in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa, Pip always delivered – it is an excellent testament to his skills to cross so many cultural boundaries.

His laid-back, honest, and thoroughly entertaining style means people buy into him. Combined with his strong sales skills, the person means that clients are happy to make concrete purchasing decisions on the product he is selling.

Pip also can connect strongly with the salespeople at any event. That rapport has always helped to encourage clients to make purchasing decisions when they interact with the salespeople.

Despite presenting in so many different countries, Pip’s support for his clients has always been second to none. Wherever they have come from, if they need help, Pip will always help them if he can. I even had experiences in the past where Pip had volunteered to help clients of other speakers when they could not get the support they needed.

Overall, I cannot recommend Pip Stehlik enough.

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