I first met Pip Stehlik back in 2016 and have had the pleasure of working with him and learning from him since then. Pip is a dynamic, content-rich speaker who effectively reaches people worldwide wanting to find their place in today’s property/investment market. I have experienced first-hand how Pip can mobilize and empower people worldwide to take positive steps that are meaningful and well suited to their own needs. For people seeking the courage to enter/re-enter a much-changed property/investment market after many changes, Pip can help and guide them to achieve their goals and dreams. For those needing to clarify their true purpose and passions for life, Pip provides step-by-step mentoring that is both impactful and engaging. Pip knows what often holds people back from true success and provides the steps they can take to get un-stuck. He is passionate, sincere, and a true believer in the capabilities of everyone. Pip is an original and informed speaker who commands the attention and respect of the audience. He is by far one of the best-received speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

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