I have known Pip for 15 years.   Pip is an excellent presenter and is engaged with the students throughout the sales process. He has 100% integrity and honesty from the front of the room (and beyond).    Pip’s extremely personable and connects well with everyone he interacts with no matter where in the world he is presenting (US, Canada, Europe, or Asia).

With Pip, you don’t even know you are being sold. Pip is just an honest man who speaks about what he is passionate about and what he believes in. It shows through in his sales results throughout the world.

Pip is not done after Sunday (end of sale). He will/does make himself available for any questions, advice, or even post-close that a student or staff may need.

Pip is one of the most dedicated speakers/presentations I have ever worked with. He goes above and beyond. He will stay on the road for months at a time or drop everything to make a trip, obviously not to the detriment of his family. Family is most important to him (as it should be). Family first/importance of family (faith)  shows though 100% in his presentations!

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