I met Pip roughly ten years ago, we worked at the same company, and our paths crossed while at an event in the US. Pip was then asked to speak in Canada, where I am based, and made quite an impression on the whole division, including me! Years later, we reconnected again. I was launching a brand Internationally and needed a talented, strong sales speaker to present on a big stage event with over 5000 people in the audience. Of course, Pip came to mind, and when approached, he accepted with no hesitation!

Pip has a unique style from the stage. He is a salesman but does it with pride and dignity. I feel he only promotes services/products that he believes in, and he honestly shines through while he’s on the stage. People just like Pip. He’s a likable guy! He has clarity when he speaks, he’s direct but not pushy, and he cares about the client.

Pip is a team player and a phenomenal sales leader/trainer/speaker.

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