Pip and I met in 2013 at one motivational real estate investment training.

Pip’s sales and presentation skills have created a new category in the seminar and presentation industry.

If I could describe him and his presentation in a few words, I would say, Sincere, real, not pushy, not salesy, and at the same time results-driven and selling without selling…

Pip and I have worked together in many different cities and countries.

The crowd’s diversity does not represent a challenge for him as he becomes one with the group. People from different socioeconomic, faith, and racial background feel connected with him at the event and even after.

Pip’s presentation is flawless and genuine, fun and value-driven.

Once students come on board, the support continues with Pip after the sale. And the relationship continues.

Pip has been a pivotal mentor in my life and a well-respected presenter in the industry.

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