We have extensive real estate holdings and developed a highly successful housing model for veterans and people with housing needs we have replicated in the U.S.  As real estate owners, rehabbers and investors, we are qualified to judge the effectiveness of real estate instruction.

We met Pip in 2017 when we had the opportunity to watch Pip teach a 3 day class on real estate fundamentals.  Pip is a  charismatic, knowledgeable, and energetic instructor.  Successfully investing in real estate takes skills and knowledge.  Pip imparts both effectively and has provided a foundation for others that we have personally observed succeed in real estate.   We are the owners of Kates House Foundation  and Shared Housing Solutions. We developed both housing and methods to end homelessness in America among vulnerable populations.   Pip has asked us to speak to his many large classes on numerous occasions.  Pip believes in real estate and gives back, and is selfless in his pursuit of training others to use housing as a tool to help others.

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