I had the pleasure of meeting Pip in February 2015. He left a memorable print in my mind (for good reasons!).

I was supporting at the event of a sale, Pip was the main speaker, and he blew my mind. Not only is he hilarious, fun, and always has the audience in stitches of laughter, but he was the first talented sales speaker I had seen that had strong moral principles. Ethics came first, then the sale (and FYI, the sales results broke records). This is a testament to Pip’s character, leadership, and sales skills.

Pip took the team out for dinner after the event. Off-stage informal events are usually where you see people’s true character. Pip was precisely the same on stage and off-stage. Still very funny while maintaining his principles and respecting others. I wish more speakers adopted his mindset.

One of my favorite things about working with Pip is his ability to create a supportive and high-performance sales environment. He believes in continuous learning and having fun. Because Pip is so entertaining, the team is always focused and engaged in the event. Suppose anyone says the wrong thing or makes a mistake. In that case, Pip embraces it and the person, then somehow turns it into comedy gold (without it being at someone else’s expense).

In summary, I learned a lot from watching Pip! Given that ethics and principles are fundamental to me, Pip is one of the few sales speakers I would highly recommend. If I had to describe him in five words, I would say Ethical, inclusive, hilarious, and a sales ninja.

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