Pip and I started working together 4-5 years ago now. We met in Hong Kong, and even before we met, I had heard great things… and he exceeded my expectations!

As a speaker, Pip is a natural. He’s so engaging, thoroughly entertaining, educational, and so likable. People are sold based on his genuine personality and authenticity. Pip also made me and all the team members feel important. He engaged all of us as part of the presentations, which provides so much more interaction. He also varied his presentations from PowerPoint to flipcharts to focus on what can be very long days.

As part of Pip’s team, I felt like I could help make a difference in peoples’ lives. This supportive nature flowed through to the students/delegates and is a seamless sale without the need for any pushy sales techniques.

It was such a pleasure to have worked with him, and I truly hope our paths will cross again someday.

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