I met Pip Stehlik in 2014 and had the privilege to work with him as part of the sales team in multiple countries for years.

Pip has a wealth of knowledge and experience selling on stage and off stage while coming from a place of integrity and being 100% authentic in the process.

I have seen Pip impact many people’s lives over the years positively by adding a deep insight into how they can get what they want in life while also adding humor to his presentations in a natural and meaningful way.

Pip gave me the confidence to speak in front of a room while coming from a place of owning who I am which allowed me to connect and impact more people.

Pip’s commitment to his students is second to none; he wants to see you succeed and grow into a version of yourself that you could have only imagined.

If you consider working with Pip, I would highly recommend it; he is the most humble sales professional I have met who leads from the front by being the same person on stage as he is off stage.

Thank you, Pip. I look forward to working with you again.

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