“Buy a show of hands, how many of you are here today”!

That was the opening statement that I heard in 2009 when I first met Pip Stehlik. At that moment, I realized I was about to experience a transformational process.  Pip sales style is engaging, warm, and non-pretentious! Everyone feels they are in a safe space to learn, participate and grow.  Pip covers many points from all sales hurdles of money, time, urgency, and most significantly, trust and more.

Pip understands that most people don’t like salespeople.

But one of the biggest lessons I have learned is the customer’s pain is our pain. Together, the journey becomes less stressful and easier to make a decision moving forward.  When it comes to sales retention, there is no one better.  Everyone walks away with hope, excitement and the unlikely to happen becomes more of a possibility.  His follow-up is unconditional, and intending to help with their successes after the sale is essential, if not more important than just a sale!

There is nothing more powerful than hearing the words “You sir have changed my life”! I must have heard that every time I was around Pip from various people from all walks of life!

I have been in sales for the past 30 years, and Pip has taught me more than sales. He taught me how to be the builder!

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