What can I say about Pip Stehlik?  First and foremost, he is an entertainer.  He was a stand-up comic in another life, and it shows.  Attending one of his events is like attending a show.  He is engaging, funny, and entertaining.  But Pip is not a one-trick pony!  He is a serious and knowledgeable real estate investor, teacher, and mentor.  And he uses the skills from his previous life to deliver a memorable event.  He is a storyteller, making his points by telling memorable anecdotes so that you leave his presentation and actually remember what he said.  So, if you want to learn about rent-to-own, or flips, or wholesale, or buying and holding rental real estate,  attending one of Pip’s events or presentations is a great way to start.  You will come out energized and enthused.  You may even want Pip to be your coach and mentor.  That would be a very positive step in your real estate career.  Pip has mentored dozens of students, helping them become successful.  You want to learn from someone who has done it!  They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Since starting my investment real estate career, I have gone on to teach and coach as well.  And I have modeled some of my teaching styles off the way that Pip presents.


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