I met Pip Stehlik back in 2008 at a sales presentation I was attending.  I quickly realized that Pip wasn’t your average salesperson.  He was engaging, knowledgeable, witty, and had the audience enticed to learn more.  He established a good rapport with the entire group and was supportive of the team who were helping him.  People resonated with him, and it was evident that he genuinely enjoyed working with them.  As a result, Pip and the crew were able to close several sales that day.  I worked with Pip after that for around ten years.  The thing that continued to impress me about working with Pip is how sincere he is and how he is committed to making his students successful.  He has consistently demonstrated those principles since I have known him.  I think that anyone looking to learn sales skills or enhance their existing skills would find working with Pip very valuable.  Whether you are doing face-to-face sales or virtual sales over video or the phone, Pip has practical techniques and knowledge to share to help you grow.

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