Pip Stehlik is a rare individual who has a constant presence about him that embodies integrity, passion, and honesty.  His infectious personality is always a benefit to those around him. He has been an inspiration to me in my quest to live with purpose and change the lives of others, as he did for me.

I Met Pip back in April 2012 through a real estate seminar that he was teaching, which dramatically changed the lives of both myself and my husband for the better.  I was fortunate enough to work side by side with Pip, where I honed my sales skills by watching him.

There are so many that make him the best at what he does. Here are few things that I love the most. Being himself, Pip would never brag about his success or flash material stuff.  He would let success show itself by having team members and former students share their personal stories of trials and triumph, no matter how big or small.  His extreme transparency helps build trust, which leads to sales.

He also builds relationships by remembering people’s names and understanding their personalities quickly by engaging them through a series of questions to determine their values.  He is also tireless in providing feedback and advice to anyone who reaches out to him with questions or concerns.

I would not be where I am and who I am today, either personally or in business, without his guidance and support. He is a true hero to me and many others.  I will remain ever grateful.  Thank you, Pip!


When I look back at my Real Estate investing career, there have been many components that have helped me along the way. However, the most significant catalyst in my career is undoubtedly meeting Pip Stehlik.  I bought my first property in 2006, and by the time I met Pip in 2010, I had six units.  With Pip’s help, I grew to over 200 units in less than three years and quit my job as an Engineer.  I was fortunate enough to take one of Pip’s training classes AND have Pip as my mentor.  Be prepared when learning from Pip, as your head might explode from all the knowledge you’ll receive!  Pip teaches in such an entertaining way that you will enjoy every minute of it.

One of the biggest ways Pip helped me was to get me out of my shell.  Real Estate is a people business.  I started as a very introverted person, not wanting to get out there and meet people.  Pip came to my home, spent three full days with me, and held my hand through the process of getting out and meeting new contacts and making offers.  He gave me the confidence to get out there and do it on my own.  There is no way I would have been able to grow as quickly as I did without Pip’s help.  Furthermore, Pip has also helped me get out of my comfort zone so much that I am now speaking in front of crowds with 150+ people, which never would have happened without him.

One of the greatest things about working with Pip is that his passion is seeing others grow to meet their full potential.  He gets his kicks out of seeing his students succeed.  To this day, he is still there to help me along with anything I need.  When working with Pip, it is not just a class or a mentorship you are taking. It is a lifelong relationship you are building.  Pip is Awesome!

Burlington, Canada

Over the years, I have done many sales training in conjunction with my profession, and it all changed!  In 2016 this phenomenal man, Pip Stehlik, came into my life.  His way of educating and selling was unlike anything I had experienced before.  He had a true love for people and providing enormous value.  Pip taught me how to present and sell any product using a relational approach to solve my clients’ problems without coming across as “salesy.” GAME CHANGER!  I am blessed to have learned from Pip, and I know if I have a question, he is just an email away.

The value you create is not found in the price someone pays but in the results you can produce!

Anita W.
Dallas, TX

What can I say about Pip Stehlik?  First and foremost, he is an entertainer.  He was a stand-up comic in another life, and it shows.  Attending one of his events is like attending a show.  He is engaging, funny, and entertaining.  But Pip is not a one-trick pony!  He is a serious and knowledgeable real estate investor, teacher, and mentor.  And he uses the skills from his previous life to deliver a memorable event.  He is a storyteller, making his points by telling memorable anecdotes so that you leave his presentation and actually remember what he said.  So, if you want to learn about rent-to-own, or flips, or wholesale, or buying and holding rental real estate,  attending one of Pip’s events or presentations is a great way to start.  You will come out energized and enthused.  You may even want Pip to be your coach and mentor.  That would be a very positive step in your real estate career.  Pip has mentored dozens of students, helping them become successful.  You want to learn from someone who has done it!  They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Since starting my investment real estate career, I have gone on to teach and coach as well.  And I have modeled some of my teaching styles off the way that Pip presents.


Rob L.

I first met Pip in 2012 when I was looking to invest in real estate.  I was new to the game, and the industry was very intimidating to me. I learned so much from Pip’s presentation. By the end, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get started. I liked his presentation style because he focused more on giving good content rather than making the sale. The level of support I received was far beyond my expectations. If I needed anything, I could reach out to him without hesitation. On top of that, he connected me with the right people to help with my venture. Thanks for all your help Pip!

Dr. Bola
Toronto, Canada

I first worked with Pip in late 2016 when I was part of a team delivering property investment training events with Pip as the main speaker.

Pip has an easy manner that immediately relaxes the audience and everyone working with him.  He is a deep subject matter expert in his field. He is always able to deliver knowledge with plenty of humor to keep the audience engaged and entertained.

Having worked with Pip many times, the two things that impressed me the most were:

1 – I have never once seen him get stressed about anything, which is impressive given that many events can be pretty dynamic with large audiences.  He always remains calm and takes everything in his stride.

2 – He is always highly professional no matter what the situation.  Venues, locations, audience sizes can all change. Still, he will consistently deliver essential information and make people laugh, treating everyone with the utmost respect.

Neil M.

I know Pip Stehlik to be a professional who over-delivers his time, talent, and energy. Having worked with Pip for the past 14 years, I’ve experienced his impact on others. He has one of the most remarkable abilities when contributing to their growth. And that is ‘availability.’ Pip is available to help others and provide valuable insights into their issues and challenges. Whether in sales, investing, or training, Pip creatively finds a way to serve his clients and associates.

Bryan F.
Dallas, TX

Pip’s Path to Property three day training is truly a life-changing course! This class is so much more than just learning about real-estate, it will literally change your mindset about building wealth! I never thought a three day training in real estate would be so enjoyable but Pip’s high energy and incredible sense of humor will keep you laughing while you are learning. The information you will gain is invaluable as you have access to a whole team of real estate professionals that are not only highly experienced, they make you feel like family! If I had to choose one big takeaway from the training, I would say that I never realized there were so many different strategies to build wealth in real estate, and you can do so without using your own credit or your own money! So, if you are debating whether or not to attend this training, I would tell you to take a leap of faith!

Chris & Isabel

I met Pip Stehlik in 2014 and had the privilege to work with him as part of the sales team in multiple countries for years.

Pip has a wealth of knowledge and experience selling on stage and off stage while coming from a place of integrity and being 100% authentic in the process.

I have seen Pip impact many people’s lives over the years positively by adding a deep insight into how they can get what they want in life while also adding humor to his presentations in a natural and meaningful way.

Pip gave me the confidence to speak in front of a room while coming from a place of owning who I am which allowed me to connect and impact more people.

Pip’s commitment to his students is second to none; he wants to see you succeed and grow into a version of yourself that you could have only imagined.

If you consider working with Pip, I would highly recommend it; he is the most humble sales professional I have met who leads from the front by being the same person on stage as he is off stage.

Thank you, Pip. I look forward to working with you again.

Newcastle, United Kingdom

I first met Pip while he was speaking at an event in Orlando in 2017. I was highly impressed with Pip from the onset. The trait I noticed first about Pip is that he is a natural-born speaker. What Pip has genuinely cannot be taught. Pip is 100% genuine and has a natural ability to place people at ease. Pip’s teaching skills at the individual, small group, and large group levels are second to none. Pip can take the most complex subjects and teach them at the lowest common denominator while never leaving a student behind, regardless of room size.

What is even more impressive about Pip’s skill set is his ability to sell without selling. Pip does not have to push an agenda or a product. Pip has an innate ability to lead the groups in the direction he wants them to go. They will purchase because they believe in Pip, and that is the most authentic and purest form of salesmanship.

Finally, Pip is not a fire and forget kind of guy. Pip is tireless in his efforts to answer every post-sale follow-up question/email from students. During one large group presentation, I recall that Pip pulled up his outlook inbox, and it had over 1800 messages that he had recently responded to. That isn’t salesmanship. That’s leadership. If I were asked to hire or recruit one speaker for an organization, Pip Stehlik would be my number one selection without thinking twice.

Bill B.

I have known Pip for several years and have been continually impressed with his work ethic and job performance and his incredible ability to connect with people.

Many people can work hard or push themselves to achieve. Still, along the way, their humanity and compassion often get sacrificed.  I have seen Pip work tirelessly to support real estate students and investors as they struggled with problems from small to large.  His priority is always people.  Pip’s ability to connect with people allows him to teach complex tasks while keeping them laughing and learning.

Pip’s long-term success is based on his commitment to excellence, high levels of knowledge and maturity, and an ability to focus on actions that enhance teamwork and lead others to success.  His students revere him as a giving mentor.

As a Vice President of a large investment training company with offices around the world, I witnessed Pip’s ability to go where ever he was asked and to have an impact.  Pip took on the most demanding tasks in the most challenging markets and always achieved success.  Pip delivered.

As a retired Army Special Forces Soldier, I was impressed with his commitment to people and the success of his fellow employees and the overall company.  Balancing competing priorities is not always easily achievable, but Pip makes it look effortless.

Pip continually displayed the intellect, talent, motivation, and professional acumen to succeed under challenging sales tasks and achieve maximum training results with multi-culture students and staff.  He leads by example, working efficiently, and is a skilled leader that maximizes the potential of his students and coworkers by intelligently motivating them to work more efficiently using their strengths.

The training with Pip and his team was invaluable to helping me decide whether this was all too good to be true or actually achievable with Pip’s Investment Training.  I haven’t been this excited and emboldened to start something new in a long while (and I have a lot of faith)!  I’m so thankful to have the Pip’s Path team to help me, guide me and teach me . They (and their training materials) are available when I need them, and they are a God-sent on my path.  I truly believe this is what I was meant to be and do!
Johanna B.

I met Pip back in 2016 and have worked with him on several occasions. From early on in our relationship, I would always tell Pip that I wanted to be like him when I grew up. We laughed it off, but it is true. There are only a couple of years between us, but Pip is one hell of a Man. He’s honest, funny, loyal, and committed to what he does. If he says I’ll call you in 2 hours or email you back within 24 hours, he does every time. If he doesn’t believe in the product, he won’t sell it, and he would never ask you to do something that he hasn’t done or wouldn’t do. I’m honored to know Pip and can’t wait to work with him again.


I have known Pip for 15 years.   Pip is an excellent presenter and is engaged with the students throughout the sales process. He has 100% integrity and honesty from the front of the room (and beyond).    Pip’s extremely personable and connects well with everyone he interacts with no matter where in the world he is presenting (US, Canada, Europe, or Asia).

With Pip, you don’t even know you are being sold. Pip is just an honest man who speaks about what he is passionate about and what he believes in. It shows through in his sales results throughout the world.

Pip is not done after Sunday (end of sale). He will/does make himself available for any questions, advice, or even post-close that a student or staff may need.

Pip is one of the most dedicated speakers/presentations I have ever worked with. He goes above and beyond. He will stay on the road for months at a time or drop everything to make a trip, obviously not to the detriment of his family. Family is most important to him (as it should be). Family first/importance of family (faith)  shows though 100% in his presentations!

Bethany G.
Portland, Oregon
Pip’s training is by far the most comprehensive and most valuable training we’ve had the opportunity to take.  He gave his best information from the start. Other organizations would prefer to keep their best until you sign up. We left Pip’s training with a clear direction about what our next steps needed to be.
It’s an eye-opener! Our biggest takeaway was realizing how much we did not know about the world of wealth and real estate, but there is HOPE, and TODAY is the time to start the transformation.
Princess & Nixon

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Pip Stehlik for almost a decade. He is one of the most inspiring and motivating people I have ever met. I was initially introduced to him as a sales role model. Still, Pip’s focus on building relationships and serving people ensures that people feel amazing after their interactions with him, never ‘sold.’ I have seen more people take action after a few minutes with Pip than any other speaker. He is such a strong leader that long after people’s initial interaction, Pip continues to provide support and value. I’m fortunate to have learned from one of the best in the business, and I strongly recommend Pip as a sales leader and trainer. ***** (5 stars!)

Elizabeth K.
Toronto, Canada

“Buy a show of hands, how many of you are here today”!

That was the opening statement that I heard in 2009 when I first met Pip Stehlik. At that moment, I realized I was about to experience a transformational process.  Pip sales style is engaging, warm, and non-pretentious! Everyone feels they are in a safe space to learn, participate and grow.  Pip covers many points from all sales hurdles of money, time, urgency, and most significantly, trust and more.

Pip understands that most people don’t like salespeople.

But one of the biggest lessons I have learned is the customer’s pain is our pain. Together, the journey becomes less stressful and easier to make a decision moving forward.  When it comes to sales retention, there is no one better.  Everyone walks away with hope, excitement and the unlikely to happen becomes more of a possibility.  His follow-up is unconditional, and intending to help with their successes after the sale is essential, if not more important than just a sale!

There is nothing more powerful than hearing the words “You sir have changed my life”! I must have heard that every time I was around Pip from various people from all walks of life!

I have been in sales for the past 30 years, and Pip has taught me more than sales. He taught me how to be the builder!

Paul B.

Pip and I met in 2013 at one motivational real estate investment training.

Pip’s sales and presentation skills have created a new category in the seminar and presentation industry.

If I could describe him and his presentation in a few words, I would say, Sincere, real, not pushy, not salesy, and at the same time results-driven and selling without selling…

Pip and I have worked together in many different cities and countries.

The crowd’s diversity does not represent a challenge for him as he becomes one with the group. People from different socioeconomic, faith, and racial background feel connected with him at the event and even after.

Pip’s presentation is flawless and genuine, fun and value-driven.

Once students come on board, the support continues with Pip after the sale. And the relationship continues.

Pip has been a pivotal mentor in my life and a well-respected presenter in the industry.

Eric O.

Pip and I started working together 4-5 years ago now. We met in Hong Kong, and even before we met, I had heard great things… and he exceeded my expectations!

As a speaker, Pip is a natural. He’s so engaging, thoroughly entertaining, educational, and so likable. People are sold based on his genuine personality and authenticity. Pip also made me and all the team members feel important. He engaged all of us as part of the presentations, which provides so much more interaction. He also varied his presentations from PowerPoint to flipcharts to focus on what can be very long days.

As part of Pip’s team, I felt like I could help make a difference in peoples’ lives. This supportive nature flowed through to the students/delegates and is a seamless sale without the need for any pushy sales techniques.

It was such a pleasure to have worked with him, and I truly hope our paths will cross again someday.

Ky Le V.
London, United Kingdom

I met Pip around six years ago now, and over the years, I have had the privilege of working with Pip on some of the best and biggest stages in the world.

Pip is an outstanding salesperson and a phenomenal speaker. He is ethical in who he is, and this is felt in the sales technique he delivers. For as long as I have known Pip, he has always had exceptional sales results on every event we have worked together on. His support to his student is impressive. He really does care about your success.

When I first met Pip, I was very self-conscious about being in front of a large stage selling a high ticket course. After working with Pip for a few months, he gave me the confidence to overcome this and gave me some amazing skills for sales that I continue to use today to excel in my businesses.

Pip is by far one of the best speakers and sales trainers I have worked with, and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to increase their sales.

Gillian A.
Manchester, United Kingdom

I have seen many speakers over the last 20 years of being in the seminar industry.  I had the opportunity to work alongside Pip for several years. I witnessed how he mastered the public speaking skill, and his results showed it!  His presentation skills always had everyone engaged. He was able to transfer emotions and make people move; his ability to interact with people in a large audience or one-on-one and quickly build rapport was impressive, which is no surprise that he always got the top results. Pip has a remarkable ability to persuade and influence.  When people would ask me, “how do I become a good public speaker” my response was always – Go see Pip!  If you want to be a top speaker or master sales skills, I highly recommend Pip.

Rosa O.

As the Sales Director for a global financial education company, I had the pleasure of working with Pip Stehlik for the last five years.  I have seen hundreds of speakers sell from the stage and can say without a doubt that Pip is a master of his craft.  In the US alone, Pip consistently topped $10 million in sales per year, which is a rare feat, and he did so with class and grace.  Pip has not only been successful selling in the US, but he has also been successful in 17 other countries as well.   Most speakers perform well on a regional basis. The best speakers can perform in any market.  From Hong Kong to London to NYC, Pip is always at the top of the leader board.  He is not selfish with his success and is always willing to help others who desire to learn the art of investing or selling from the stage.  When I had to get a new speaker trained, I always sat them in front of Pip to learn the correct way.  When I think of Pip, I think of Zig Ziglar’s quote, “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Matt M.

I met Pip Stehlik back in 2008 at a sales presentation I was attending.  I quickly realized that Pip wasn’t your average salesperson.  He was engaging, knowledgeable, witty, and had the audience enticed to learn more.  He established a good rapport with the entire group and was supportive of the team who were helping him.  People resonated with him, and it was evident that he genuinely enjoyed working with them.  As a result, Pip and the crew were able to close several sales that day.  I worked with Pip after that for around ten years.  The thing that continued to impress me about working with Pip is how sincere he is and how he is committed to making his students successful.  He has consistently demonstrated those principles since I have known him.  I think that anyone looking to learn sales skills or enhance their existing skills would find working with Pip very valuable.  Whether you are doing face-to-face sales or virtual sales over video or the phone, Pip has practical techniques and knowledge to share to help you grow.

Shelly H.
Calgary, Canada

I had the pleasure of meeting Pip in February 2015. He left a memorable print in my mind (for good reasons!).

I was supporting at the event of a sale, Pip was the main speaker, and he blew my mind. Not only is he hilarious, fun, and always has the audience in stitches of laughter, but he was the first talented sales speaker I had seen that had strong moral principles. Ethics came first, then the sale (and FYI, the sales results broke records). This is a testament to Pip’s character, leadership, and sales skills.

Pip took the team out for dinner after the event. Off-stage informal events are usually where you see people’s true character. Pip was precisely the same on stage and off-stage. Still very funny while maintaining his principles and respecting others. I wish more speakers adopted his mindset.

One of my favorite things about working with Pip is his ability to create a supportive and high-performance sales environment. He believes in continuous learning and having fun. Because Pip is so entertaining, the team is always focused and engaged in the event. Suppose anyone says the wrong thing or makes a mistake. In that case, Pip embraces it and the person, then somehow turns it into comedy gold (without it being at someone else’s expense).

In summary, I learned a lot from watching Pip! Given that ethics and principles are fundamental to me, Pip is one of the few sales speakers I would highly recommend. If I had to describe him in five words, I would say Ethical, inclusive, hilarious, and a sales ninja.

Jess C.
London, United Kingdom

We have extensive real estate holdings and developed a highly successful housing model for veterans and people with housing needs we have replicated in the U.S.  As real estate owners, rehabbers and investors, we are qualified to judge the effectiveness of real estate instruction.

We met Pip in 2017 when we had the opportunity to watch Pip teach a 3 day class on real estate fundamentals.  Pip is a  charismatic, knowledgeable, and energetic instructor.  Successfully investing in real estate takes skills and knowledge.  Pip imparts both effectively and has provided a foundation for others that we have personally observed succeed in real estate.   We are the owners of Kates House Foundation  and Shared Housing Solutions. We developed both housing and methods to end homelessness in America among vulnerable populations.   Pip has asked us to speak to his many large classes on numerous occasions.  Pip believes in real estate and gives back, and is selfless in his pursuit of training others to use housing as a tool to help others.

Frank & Sherri
Seattle, WA and San Diego, CA

I was fortunate enough to meet Pip back in 2013. At that stage, I was assisting a training company set up sales events in several different countries. Pip came with a strong reputation for excellent sales skills, and it wasn’t difficult to see why. Whether we did events in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa, Pip always delivered – it is an excellent testament to his skills to cross so many cultural boundaries.

His laid-back, honest, and thoroughly entertaining style means people buy into him. Combined with his strong sales skills, the person means that clients are happy to make concrete purchasing decisions on the product he is selling.

Pip also can connect strongly with the salespeople at any event. That rapport has always helped to encourage clients to make purchasing decisions when they interact with the salespeople.

Despite presenting in so many different countries, Pip’s support for his clients has always been second to none. Wherever they have come from, if they need help, Pip will always help them if he can. I even had experiences in the past where Pip had volunteered to help clients of other speakers when they could not get the support they needed.

Overall, I cannot recommend Pip Stehlik enough.

Andrew J.
United Kingdom

I met Pip roughly ten years ago, we worked at the same company, and our paths crossed while at an event in the US. Pip was then asked to speak in Canada, where I am based, and made quite an impression on the whole division, including me! Years later, we reconnected again. I was launching a brand Internationally and needed a talented, strong sales speaker to present on a big stage event with over 5000 people in the audience. Of course, Pip came to mind, and when approached, he accepted with no hesitation!

Pip has a unique style from the stage. He is a salesman but does it with pride and dignity. I feel he only promotes services/products that he believes in, and he honestly shines through while he’s on the stage. People just like Pip. He’s a likable guy! He has clarity when he speaks, he’s direct but not pushy, and he cares about the client.

Pip is a team player and a phenomenal sales leader/trainer/speaker.

Donna H.

I first met Pip Stehlik back in 2016 and have had the pleasure of working with him and learning from him since then. Pip is a dynamic, content-rich speaker who effectively reaches people worldwide wanting to find their place in today’s property/investment market. I have experienced first-hand how Pip can mobilize and empower people worldwide to take positive steps that are meaningful and well suited to their own needs. For people seeking the courage to enter/re-enter a much-changed property/investment market after many changes, Pip can help and guide them to achieve their goals and dreams. For those needing to clarify their true purpose and passions for life, Pip provides step-by-step mentoring that is both impactful and engaging. Pip knows what often holds people back from true success and provides the steps they can take to get un-stuck. He is passionate, sincere, and a true believer in the capabilities of everyone. Pip is an original and informed speaker who commands the attention and respect of the audience. He is by far one of the best-received speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Avi A.
United Kingdom