One of my best decisions ever!

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Today I had a notification on social media appear. It said “share your memory from 9 years ago” along with a picture of a For Sale By Owner sign featuring Rent To Own.

This social media reminder made me think back the properties I have bought and sold, the realtors, negotiations, the classes, financing, mortgage brokers, the networking, attorneys and other power team members who have helped along the way.  So many great relationships and experiences.

I remember this property from 9 years ago in particular as I did something new. Something that was very uncomfortable for me. It was out of my comfort zone so I knew I had to do it. I filmed and advertised a YouTube video featuring myself and that property!  As you read this 9 years later a YouTube video is nothing new since we are all rolling reporters with our devices. In 2012 however, the YouTube advertising posts were very new. Brand new in fact, and I may have been the first in my area to do one (and no, it wasn’t perfect!). I was doing things that others weren’t doing to get a result that others weren’t getting.

I am very thankful I took the leap and started investing in real estate in 2010. Yes, buying property was a little different back then. It was a buyers market, long days on market (DOM) and discounts on properties were the norm. There were no rehab or flipping television shows, JV partners were scarce and it was surely not the frenzy of home sales which have become the “norm” lately. These days will return again, be patient and in the meantime you could do some reading about The Real Estate Cycle to be a better, wiser investor.

My training, classes and mentorship were all important and part of my success.  Listening to “Right-Side-Thinkers” was a game changer and I adapted the “How Can I” attitude right away.

Was it overnight or get rich quick? No way! People often over estimate what they think they can do in the short term, but also under estimate what they can do in the long run.

Let’s fast forward to present day, where I continue investing in real estate, I use realtors for all transactions and yesterday I signed the paperwork to sell not 1 property, but 2 properties. The market has rallied nicely, I think we can all agree to that.

Investing in myself, learning how to invest in real estate is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  It has allowed me to take control of my life, my time and I have been very fortunate to help other people in their investing journey.

It’s interesting to wonder what will come in the next 9 years!

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