The Complete Guide to Short-Term Rental Furnishings

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Short-term rental businesses are some of the easiest to manage. The size of your property can also help determine the design aesthetic. If you’re offering a studio apartment, it’s unlikely you’ll attract a family, but instead a couple or an individual. In this case, the decor can reflect a romantic getaway for two or a sleek modern design for a working professional on remote assignment. Suppose you’re offering a larger space like a four-bedroom house. In that case, you’ll have more options to design it as a weekend getaway for an entire family or a group of friends staying for a major concert. 

Suppose your short-term rental property is near popular tourist attractions such as an amusement park, ski resort, or lake. In that case, you can design your space to reflect those attractions. You can also consider seasons when determining the decor of your space. If the area changes seasons from hot summers to snowy winters, consider changing the paintings every quarter to reflect the current season.

A big plus in attractive more short-term rental booking and a higher price offers features that add an extra comfort level for Guests. While adding a pool may be out of your budget range, there are smaller items that you can add to make your property stand out from the crowd.

Below are the Top 10 Amenities to attract Guests:

  1. Pool
  2. Full Kitchen
  3. Free Parking
  4. Pet Friendly
  5. Air Conditioning
  6. Wi-Fi
  7. Washing Machine
  8. Jacuzzi
  9. TV
  10. Heat

In addition to this list, you can add lower-priced items to increase the attractiveness of your short-term rental property.

  • Portable BBQ Grill
  • Patio Furniture
  • Basketball Hoop
  • Billiards
  • Ping Pong Table
  • FoosBall 
  • Corn Hole Toss
  • Board Games
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