Corporations and Credit

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Doing this business with corporations has some huge advantages such as:

  • Increased personal liability protection.
  • Increased corporate liability protection.
  • Decrease your income taxes.
  • Increase your legal and legitimate business expenses and write-offs.


An old saying is, “it’s not how much money you make. It’s how much money you keep.”  Doing business with a proper corporate structure and the correct accountant typically allows you to keep much more money properly.

Once you have a corporation, you can now gain corporate credit.  As real estate investors, we all love credit and use it to make us money.  Credit, leverage, OPM, credit card points, interest-free for a limited amount of time, plus other introductory perks, make credit and credit cards very attractive to us personally and in our corporations.  We all should be aware of growing credit in our personal lives. Business credit is another area that can naturally evolve with corporations hence double the credit.  In time, your corporations can get credit cards, mortgages, and lines of credit based on their history.  This is primarily an untapped resource for investors doing the business in their names.  This is one example where the “SYSTEM” comes into play and separates the rookie investors and the professionals! 

A mentor can get you here much faster, and we have seen it happen thousands of times!

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