Getting Creative with Financing

Types of creative financing: Joint venture partnerships Private lending Seller financing Home equity line of credit Hard money loan Lease option Deferred mortgage payments An unsecured line of credit Land […]

Deciphering the Foreclosures Process

Working with foreclosures can be a great investment strategy.  One of the reasons is that there are usually foreclosures regularly regardless of the situation or reason.  This provides us with […]

Don’t let the details derail your rehab

Detailed Scope of Work Suppose you’ve purchased a property that requires some level of rehab. In that case, you will need to put together a Detailed Scope of Work to […]

Breaking Down a Market

Have you ever attempted to break down a market for real estate investing?  I will offer some methods and criteria that could help you determine if a market meets your desired […]

How Do You Give Back?

Since you are reading this, I’m confident that you are looking to improve your position in this crazy thing called life. I would guess that you are looking to learn […]