Getting Creative with Financing

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Types of creative financing:

  1. Joint venture partnerships
  2. Private lending
  3. Seller financing
  4. Home equity line of credit
  5. Hard money loan
  6. Lease option
  7. Deferred mortgage payments
  8. An unsecured line of credit
  9. Land contract
  10. Blanket/wrap mortgage
  11. Self-directed funds
  12. Balloon payment
  13. Contracts for deeds
  14. Syndicate mortgage
  15. Interest-only payment
  16. Credit cards

Are there more?  Of course!  These are some of the more common types. If you are not using creative finance, you limit your capital, restrict your deals, reduce your profits, limit your growth, and reduce your ROI.

Mentor’s Tip:

“New investors need creative financing to get started; wealthy people need creative finance to increase their ROI.”

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