Effective Marketing Strategies For Achieving Results

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Who needs to know that we can help them with their real estate needs? 

  • Sellers who NEED to sell to solve a real estate problem.  
  • Tenant-Buyers who want to be homeowners but may need some time to get into a position where they are ready to buy in the future but do not want to lose the opportunity to purchase a home that works for them in the present.  
  • Investors looking for properties to rehab and sell or rent or who may be a good fit for a money partner.  
  • Renters who want to rent your property.  
  • Anyone who may refer you to people who have a real estate problem (contractors, insurance agents, real estate agents, barbers, friends, family, etc.)

Part of your marketing plan will include general advertising like placing ads in various media to help people find you.  Other efforts will involve generating leads by identifying sources for your target customers and contacting them with a custom message that speaks to their circumstances. This targeted message may be via letters, text messages, phone calls, or door-knocking – depending on the type of contact information you have on them, their location, and your marketing budget.  You will likely create campaigns with a combination of these efforts since you will need to reach them a minimum of five to eight times to get a decent response rate.

To find your target market and create a custom message that inspires them to reach out to you, you must first identify who you aim to reach with your marketing campaigns.  Then you can develop a plan for finding those people and generate leads to receive your information.  With a name and address, you can often use services that will append your contact record with a phone number and email address for less than half the cost of a stamp. (This service is often referred to as skip tracing.)  When you have targeted leads and a way to contact them, you can create and send your custom messages to them and invite them to contact you to help with their real estate needs – whether it be the need to sell to buy or buy rent.

Marketing for your business

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