Corporations and Credit

Doing this business with corporations has some huge advantages such as: Increased personal liability protection. Increased corporate liability protection. Decrease your income taxes. Increase your legal and legitimate business expenses […]

Questions for Your Mentor

real estate mentor

Do they invest for cash flow or appreciation? Skilled investors invest for cash flow. Skilled investors enjoy appreciation when it occurs. Amateur investors hope for appreciation as that is often […]

Tips from a Mentor


Any mentor worth his money will confirm: Once your action plan is in place, you will be hitting the ground running. Establish multiple exit strategies when making your offers. If […]

Collapsing Timeframes: Find Your Mentors


Our mentors are individual investors who have a strong track record of profitable win-win deals using multiple strategies.  Often our mentors are former students, and they know what it takes […]

Mentorship and Taking Action!

Many students have a mentor in their program, some have selected their mentor and many have communicated with their mentor for help and advice on properties and strategies. But a […]