Mentorship and Taking Action!

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Many students have a mentor in their program, some have selected their mentor and many have communicated with their mentor for help and advice on properties and strategies. But a common thought with students is they feel they are not ready for a mentorship.

Where students often get delayed or tripped-up is they want to do it later…
Do it later???? Are you kidding me? We at Pip’s Path are all about TAKING ACTION! Remember back at your 3-day training when people were taking action and being rewarded with books, money and recognition? That’s right, taking action is so important and we suggest you take your mentorship sooner.

• Do you want to complete deals sooner or later?
• Do you want to help sellers and other people sooner or later?
• Do you want to start making money in real estate sooner or later?
• Do you want to take your investing to the next level sooner or later?

The common answer here is always sooner!
Stop delaying and continue taking action!

Here are the common reasons people tell me they will do it later:
• Need to take just one more class.
• My website is not ready yet.
• I am not incorporated yet.
• I’ll just do this first deal then the mentor can help me with future deals.

These are all silly reasons! Take actions and get your mentor booked. Take actions and get out into your market, build your power team and build your business. Your mentor will be by your side when you have live meetings with mortgage brokers, realtors, other investors and money partners. You will be pushed outside your comfort zones and this is how you will grow! Don’t worry, we push you, but we also support you! Afterall, if you continue doing the same actions you will continue to get the same results.

Imagine you accompanied by your mentor having those live appointments with Community Bankers. You get instant credibility from your mentor’s experience. Your mentor will teach you how to have constructive appointments with power team members. You will also make offers on properties! Ask yourself how many offers you have made in the past week or month. If you are not making offers, you are not making any money. Again, people say I will make offers tomorrow or next week, after my next class or after the holidays…. see a pattern here with lack of action again??

Your mentor will get to know you, your goals, strengths and weaknesses. Your mentor’s goal is to help you become a master of those strategies and get you doing deals and get you making money!

We have mentors that specialize in each strategy that we offer. Contact [email protected] to get more information about mentors and schedule your mentorship today!

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