Collapsing Timeframes: Find Your Mentors

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Our mentors are individual investors who have a strong track record of profitable win-win deals using multiple strategies.  Often our mentors are former students, and they know what it takes to start, grow and be successful in real estate investing.  Our hand-selected mentors have the ability, skills, and time to teach. Many of our mentors have been mentoring students for over a decade.  We have mentors who specialize in multiple strategies. It is common to stack plans for more creative deals and more substantial returns.  We have mentors for all strategies we offer, and all strategies listed in this publication. 

A common question is why anyone would want to mentor when they can make more money doing deals.  That is a fascinating question as you can make more money doing deals.  A common trait among our mentors is they already have a portfolio of properties and cash flow-producing investments.  They may still be actively growing their business. Perhaps they enjoy the fruits of their labor and pursue other interests such as mentoring and helping others achieve their goals.  All of our mentors know the value and impact they can have on another person’s life and how rewarding it can be to help another succeed.

You can select your mentor, and we have biographies for our mentors, to assist you with your decision.  Some considerations to the selection are to choose a mentor that specializes in your chosen strategies.  Our mentors have experience in multiple strategies and markets.  Find a mentor that is the best “fit” for you.  You will be amazed how much you can learn and grow in 3 full action-oriented days with your mentor!

What is a mentorship?  

The mentor program is the ultimate combination where training meets action in the market of your choice.  This powerful program is all about getting out and DOING, applying what you’ve learned, taking action, and growing your business. 

There is a strong emphasis on building your team, leveraging your time and skills to a new level, and making lots of offers.  You will have effective meetings with professionals such as mortgage brokers, realtors, and property managers to grow your business.  Common goals for mentorships are learning to be more efficient, master your strategies, utilize creative financing, and get you to the next level. 

You will be in contact with your chosen mentor before your scheduled mentorship.  The mentorship pre-work is where your mentor will review your investment experience, classes taken, chosen strategies, market selection, risk tolerance, ability to get a mortgage, and financing options.  If you have deals in progress, your mentor will be able to help you even before your mentorship starts!

The mentorship will be three (3) days together, taking action.

Your experience with your mentor is customized to you and your goals.  Every mentorship is unique and catered to the student.  Often students are new to investing, working on their first deal with much guidance using creative financing.  We also have students with some experience, cash, and credit looking to scale their business and improve ROI.  All students benefit greatly and leverage the mentor’s knowledge and expertise, which collapses time frames and allows the student success much sooner and much safer. 

An experienced mentor can agree that the mentorship must be conducted at the student’s pace.  Some students want to go fast, and other students need a different speed.  We want you to get results and be successful at a path that is right for you.  There is no need to rush as you will contact the mentor after your three days together.

Your mentor will push you outside your comfort zone.  You have gotten your current results because you’ve created habits, and some are good habits while others may not be.  Your mentor will challenge your habits and show you new methods to be more effective with less time.  Common areas where students are pushed outside their comfort zones can be:

  • Making offers on multiple properties.
  • Asking for discounts. 
  • Asking for terms or seller financing.
  • Face-to-face meetings with mortgage brokers and realtors.
  • Raising capital for deals.

These are just a few, and there are many more!  Do any of these apply to you?  Many students can relate to these.

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