A System to Grow Your Business

grow your business

Do you need a system to grow your business? Often the harsh lessons learned are the money you may save in doing renovation work yourself. Self-managing a property is very […]

The Power of I am

Do you know how powerful a role thoughts play in transforming your life? Research from the National Science Foundation in 2005 revealed that around 80% of our thoughts are negative. […]


Every day people all over the world decide they want to change something about their lives. They decide to change their diet, relationships, spending habits or choose to change careers. […]

Who Do You Take Investing Advice From?

Do you ever notice that so many people talk about real estate investing?  Many people love to talk about investing in property although finding good deals, developing a team, creating […]

The Power of Asking Questions

Next time you find yourself in a situation where you feel you need to defend your position in a conversation, or perhaps you are dealing with a difficult person with […]

Life Lessons and Gingerbread Houses

For the past several years, my youngest daughter and I have made “gingerbread” houses. Sometimes we make our dough, and sometimes we use a kit as the base and spruce […]