No money, no credit lease options.

John and Mary want to buy a house but find out from their realtor Bob and their mortgage broker Jane that they don’t qualify.   John and Mary aren’t happy because they can’t get a house.  If Bob and Jane don’t

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No tenants, toilets or trash!

The investor’s (Optioner’s) point of view gives them a hybrid type of property.  The investor can get monthly cash flow and a pre-determined sell price in the future.  Since the tenant-buyer has an ownership mindset, they are many times the

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Why Lease option/Rent-to-own?

Why Lease Options?  Do you think there might be a person who wants to buy a property but can’t get qualified to buy it right now because of their credit or money issues? Do you think some realtors have clients

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Why Property?

Major Benefits One of our most important goals is to show you how to invest for profit while also investing for a purpose.   Everyone needs a place to live.   Your Property Knowledge: In this book, we are going to talk

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Getting Creative with Financing

Types of creative financing: Joint venture partnerships Private lending Seller financing Home equity line of credit Hard money loan Lease option Deferred mortgage payments An unsecured line of credit Land contract Blanket/wrap mortgage Self-directed funds Balloon payment Contracts for deeds

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Corporations and Credit

Doing this business with corporations has some huge advantages such as: Increased personal liability protection. Increased corporate liability protection. Decrease your income taxes. Increase your legal and legitimate business expenses and write-offs.   An old saying is, “it’s not how

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business system

Building Your Business System

An integral part of the business system is to free up time for yourself.  One way of doing that could be hiring a professional property manager.  A good property manager will make your life better and allow you time to

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grow your business

A System to Grow Your Business

Do you need a system to grow your business? Often the harsh lessons learned are the money you may save in doing renovation work yourself. Self-managing a property is very limiting to your investing results.  Can you save some money? 

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investor mindset

The Investor Mindset

Here are some common principles for investor mindset: There is good debt, and there is bad debt.  Good debt pays you, such as having a mortgage on a property with positive monthly cash flow.  Bad debt on items such as

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real estate mentor

Questions for Your Mentor

Do they invest for cash flow or appreciation? Skilled investors invest for cash flow. Skilled investors enjoy appreciation when it occurs. Amateur investors hope for appreciation as that is often the only way they make money. What are their exit

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Tips from a Mentor

Any mentor worth his money will confirm: Once your action plan is in place, you will be hitting the ground running. Establish multiple exit strategies when making your offers. If your goal is to buy a property, renovate and sell,

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