Why Is This Important?

Whitelisting “Pip’s Path” will make sure you don’t miss out on messages from us! Email providers have aggressive programs that attempt to filter out any emails that they deem to be unwanted – also known as spam. We hate spam just as much as the next person and we do like protecting from it, but the system is far from perfect. These automated programs often block emails that you actually want to receive, so follow the steps below and join the fight against spam!

The Solution: Whitelist or Allowlist Emails from Pip’s Path

Whitelist or an allowlist is a list of email addresses that you always want to receive emails from. It’s basically the opposite of a block list. It’s a way of you telling your email provider that Pip’s Path is your friend, and you want to receive our high-value content! But this doesn’t just help us, email providers actually look at these lists and make adjustments to their filtering system, which in turn benefits everyone! 

Tips: Add us to your contact list, mark us as a safe-sender or look below for ways to “whitelist” an email for your email provider. 

Step 1: Right-click on an email from [email protected]
Step 2: Click “Add sender to Contacts”
Step 3: 
Type “Pip's Path” under ‘First name' – or whatever you'd like to call us!
Step 4: 
Click “Save” 

Step 1: Click the ‘search options' button in the search bar
Step 2: 
In the ‘From' field, enter [email protected]
Step 3: 
At the bottom of the search window, click ‘Create Filter'
Step 4: Check the box that says “Never send it to Spam”
Step 5: 
Click “Create filter”

Outlook & Hotmail
Step 1: Click on the ‘Settings' icon
Step 2: Type “safe senders” into the search bar
Step 3: 
Click on “Safe senders and domains” 

Apple Mail
Step 1: Click on “Mail”
Step 2: 
Click on “Preferences”
Step 3: 
Click on “Rules”
Step 4: Click on “Add Rule”
Step 5: Fill out the settings screen to include [email protected].
Step 6: 
Click “OK”