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“You’re Gunna Be Alriiight”

Our Values

At Pip’s Path, our students and customers are our most important asset. Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” 

You bring the effort, we bring the support.
We firmly believe
Real Wealth Takes Real Time

We do not believe in get rich quick schemes.
We believe in a more structured approach that will take effort on your part and support on ours.


"The training with Pip and his team was invaluable to helping me decide whether this was all too good to be true or actually achievable with Pip's Investment Training. I haven't been this excited and emboldened to start something new in a long while (and I have a lot of faith)! I'm so thankful to have the Pip's Path team to help me, guide me and teach me - they (and their training materials) are available when I need them, and they are a God-sent on my path - because I truly believe this is what I was meant to be and do!"


"Pip’s Path to Property three day training is truly a life-changing course! This class is so much more than just learning about real-estate, it will literally change your mindset about building wealth! I never thought a three day training in real estate would be so enjoyable but Pip’s high energy and incredible sense of humor will keep you laughing while you are learning. The information you will gain is invaluable as you have access to a whole team of real estate professionals that are not only highly experienced, they make you feel like family! If I had to choose one big takeaway from the training, I would say that I never realized there were so many different strategies to build wealth in real estate, and you can do so without using your own credit or your own money! So, if you are debating whether or not to attend this training, I would tell you to take a leap of faith! You attended Life Surge for a reason, it was not a coincidence. It was a God-incidence! God placed you there to change your life and Pip’s Path can show you the way! I will see you on The Path!"

-Chris & Isabel

"Pip’s training is by far the most comprehensive and most valuable training we’ve had the opportunity to take. He gave his best information from the start. Other organizations would prefer to keep their best until you sign up. We left Pip’s training with a clear direction about what our next steps needed to be. It’s an eye-opener! Our biggest takeaway was realizing how much we did not know about the world of wealth and real estate, but there is HOPE, and TODAY is the time to start the transformation. STOP CONTEMPLATING AND JUST DO IT!!!"

- Princess & Nixon