Positive conversations with potential Joint Venture Partners

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How do you plan to structure your conversation with potential Joint Venture (JV) Partners?   How do you get your potential JV wanting to repeat business with you?  Have you already had some of these conversations and received the polite “no?”  If you’ve ever heard “let me get back to you” or “I’ll think about it”; that is a polite “no”.

Having structure to your conversation and being able to take control of the conversation puts you in the drivers seat. We want you to have a positive conversation and make progress securing funds from the potential JV.

Here are some common questions potential JV’s often ask. Be prepared by having some answers ready!

– Why this deal?
– Why this area?
– Why this strategy? (flip, lease option, etc.)
– Why now?
– Why do you think real estate is a good investment?
– What if the market goes down?
– Why do you get an equal split of the profits when you have no risk?

Often these questions are asked because ultimately the JV is investing in YOU. If they like you, trust you, and you answer ALL of their questions then some progress could be made. Combine that with it being the right time for them to invest and you have a real chance of doing business with them.

If you keep your JV’s happy, often repeat deals come from one JV partner, and that is where you will save so much time and effort! Imagine once you have the JV’s trust and build a relationship how you can do multiple deals with them.

If you have access, I’d strongly suggest watching the Creative Finance OnDemand training which details ways to structure conversations with potential JV’s, how to handle of their questions and objections, plus how to get them to take action and do a deal with you. After all that is the goal, get them to do the first deal, then repeat!

Once you start doing JV deals (yes, your returns are infinite and we like infinite) you’ll wonder why you ever considered using your own money! Good luck and go get ‘em!

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